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A Quick Guide to Prague

A capital city of Czech Republic, Prague (also known as Praha), is one of a romantic city in Europe. It was a former capital city of Czechoslovakia until the dissolution in 1993 (it’s my birth year so the country is as old as me!). The city is divided into Old and New towns with Vltava River between them. These towns are connected by many bridges which one of them is a well-known Charles bridge where you will find shops and artists. Prague has many spots to visit and each of them has interesting history behind. Located in Eastern Europe, the living cost is surprisingly much lower than Western Europe. Some places even offer student discount, so be sure to bring your student ID if you are still attending schools or colleges.


The currency of Czech Republic is Czech Crown. You may exchange Euro with local currency at any reliable currency exchange. Even though some places accept Euro but I would not recommend this due to unfair exchange rate. My personal advice is to withdraw cash from the ATM.

Getting By:

I arrived in Prague from an LCC Easyjet from London Stansted airport, then took a metro to my hostel. You can purchase the tickets at the airport and be sure to validate them before boarding.


You may get around the city by trams or walk. If you wish to visit neighboring cities like Cesky Krumlov or its bordering country Slovakia, you may use Student Agency bus services. You don’t need to be a student to be their customers—it’s just a name! Refreshment will be served on every bus.


1. Charles Bridge: A city’s well-recognised bridge and a must for every visitor. This bridge connects old and new towns. Here you will find plenty of shops and talented artists as well as 30 statues including John of Nepomuk.

2. Old Town Hall and Astronomical Clock: This is where people gathered every hour in front of the clock and to go up the hall to see the view of old town.

3. Prague Castle: It is the world’s largest ancient castle. At the gate you will find battling of titans statues and two handsome guards that you might want to take a selfie with them.

saint vitus cathedral gate prague

4. St. Vitus Cathedral: The country’s largest cathedral which took over 500 years to constructed. It will be a little bit difficult to take a picture of you and the whole of the cathedral, so I do recommend to bring a gopro if you have any.

This is me and my best mate, Kay, who is also my fellow travel blogger Grab My Hands.

5. Great Tower: Despite all towers in Prague, this tower allows you to see a 360 degrees view of the city. Great Tower will make you hate the stairs for the rest of your life!

6. Petrin Hill & Observation Tower: This is a replica of a famous Eiffel Tower located up the hill. The cable car was closed when we were there so we had to walk up there, poor me!

7. River Cruise Tour: Make the most of your visit to Prague by a river cruise tour along Vltava River. Some tours offer buffet lunch or dinner but you get what you pay for.


1. Leave a tip at 5-10%

2. Try their beer, they are cheap and decent.

3. Beware the currency exchange scams. Don’t be fooled by 0% commissions.

4. Don’t forget to validate the tickets before boarding trams/buses/metro. They can be bought from any convenience store.

5. Some waiter might frown if you ask for tap water. They usually serve mineral water in a price that is much higher than soft drinks or beer.

6. Allow yourself 2-3 days to explore this beautiful city

7. Be sure to visit a lovely city near Prague –Cesky Krumlov. You can get there by Student Agency Buses and a journey takes around two and a half hours which is absolutely fine for a day trip.

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    Liz Fisher
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    Beautiful pictures of Prague! I would say beer in Prague is one of the best not just decent;)

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      Hi Liz,
      Thanks for checking out my post!
      I’m not a fan of beer but totally agree with that. 🙂

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