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A Quickie Solo Trip to Scotland

I have long wanted to visit Scotland once in my life. It is a country when back in the old days I have always been told about many interesting stories about Scottish inventors by my Social Science teacher from Scotland. If you are a Harry Potter fan, you must know Scotland is also a birthplace of this excellent piece of writing by J.K. Rowling.

During my time as an exchange student in the UK, after coming back from my solo trip to Switzerland and Paris I began to be addicted to traveling solo. Luckily enough I found return tickets from London’s King Cross to Edinburgh on the internet that only cost £15! Without hesitation, I booked a ticket right away –Thanks to the VirginEastcoast train’s generous offer!

Day One: Edinburgh, Calton Hill

It was late January this year when I took a chance of exam leave to visit Scotland. I arrived in Edinburgh in the afternoon, checked in at a hostel near by the station, St.Christopher’s Inns Hostel, and had a lovely afternoon walk to Calton Hill where you can see the view of Edinburgh.





Day Two: The Highlands Tour

The next day I joined a Haggis tour as recommended by a fine lady at the hostel reception. I went on this tour with my hostel roommies from Belgium, Canada, and Thailand. This day tour covers almost the entire highlights of Scottish Highlands including Glencoe and Loch Ness.

The tour started early in the morning and finished around 7 P.M. Our driver/guide tour whom I can’t really remember his name was a friendly gentleman. The bus was really comfy and we also got free lunch. However, due to limited time I had I would rather suggest you to book a longer tour (they have the tour for up to ten days) if you have more time to enjoy more beautiful scenic view of Scotland.



Day Three: Edinburgh Castle, Lunch@Mussel Inn, Afternoon Tea@The Elephant Cafe, The National Museum of Scotland

On the last day before taking the train back to London King’s Cross, I decided to explore more of Edinburgh. After saying goodbye to my hostel roomies, I headed to Edinburgh Castle. This historical attraction of Edinburgh is recommended for history nerds because they have different museums inside including where they used to hide a treasure from British Empire. If you fancy Scotch whiskey, they also have a shop where you can taste (for free!) and buy different kinds of whiskey.

Edinburgh castle(Source)

JpegEntrance of the Museum of the Royal Scots inside Edinburgh Castle

I was recommended a MUST restaurant Mussel Inn by a friend of mine.  If you are a seafood fan, this restaurant is a right place for you. Reservation is necessary if you plan to come during peak time. You get to choose 4-5 different sauces but I chose Moroccan one and I found it tasted brilliant!

JpegMussels (Moroccan) and white wine at Mussel Inn

 After a wonderful lunch, I just took a walk around the city and found people were taking photo of this authentic look cafe, the Elephant House aka the birthplace of a famous novel series and movies Harry Potter.


JpegThe Elephant House A.K.A. the birthplace of Harry Potter

Hot chololateA cup of Hot Chocolate

JpegThe Elephant House’s Toilet Wall

One last spot before leaving this lively city, I decided to gain some knowledge by visiting to the National Museum of Scotland which is totally free!


JpegInside the National Museum of Scotland..

Scotland has become one of my favourite destination in Europe and if time has allowed me to explore more, I would have stayed longer. Even though the weather was a bit mean to me during the trip but I did enjoy Scotland so much. I will definitely come back to this amazing country again!




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