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A Day Visit to Warner Bros Studio The Making of Harry Potter

A Day Visit to the Warner Bros Studio The Making of Harry Potter

During my study abroad programme in the UK, I had a chance to visit Warner Bros Studio Tour in London –a place I have always wanted to visit once in my life. I am actually a big fan of Harry Potter that I secretly wanted to be cast as Cho Chang. I have even been to the elephant house in Edinburgh aka the birthplace of Harry Potter (and probably Cho Chang!) and some other locations in London but, you know, these wouldn’t satisfy my madness without coming to this magical site. You literally can’t miss this if you are a fan of Harry Potter as well.

Warner Bros Studio is the actual place where they filmed Harry Potter and they actually now open for visitors to see the props, costumes, and techniques they used in the film.  What I like the most is the green screen room where you get to wear Gryffindor cloak, ride a broomstick, and may imagine yourself as part of quidditch team.

A Day Visit to the Warner Bros Studio The Making of Harry Potter(source)

It was an absolute happiness to be there so here is a brief guide and what you get to see inside the studio.

Getting a ticket

You must book a ticket from their website in advance as there will be no chance getting a ticket at the studio. Also, you have to reserve date and time slot. The ticket will cost around £40 or less depending on your type of tour. Present a confirmation e-mail once you arrived there then you will get an entrance ticket.

Getting by

We have two options here.

Option one is to take a train from London Euston to Watford Junction. There will be a shuttle bus from there to the studio which costs around £2.50 return. My personal advice is to avoid taking train that terminates at Watford Junction as it will have more stops and will therefore take longer time.

Option two is to take a bus from either Baker Street or Victoria. The buses run hourly from 9am to 6pm.

For both options, be sure to allow yourself some time prior to allocated time slot stated in your ticket.


The tour begins with the great hall.

The Great Hall

WB studio-3

breakfast time!

WB studio-1

and all these sets…

WB studio-8

WB studio-5

WB studio-11

WB studio-9

WB studio-12

do you recognise this?

Privet Drive

and the Hogwarts bridge… I looks so small here..

Hogwarts Bridge

and the Diagon Alley…

Diagon Alley

don’t cry yet…

Hogwarts Model

and 10 points for Gryffindor!

green screen room photo

There are much more there to see and also souvenir shop where can buy lots of Harry Potter goodies!

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    7th May 2016 at 9:52 PM

    Lovely post! I love Harry Potter World!

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