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Exploring Arashiyama in Kyoto (Underrated Destination)

It seems like every visitors intend to visit populated places like Tokyo, Kyoto, Hokkaido, or Osaka. Despite the fact that there are plenty of interesting attractions to visit while traveling in Japan like this underrated spot Arashiyama.

Situated in North-East of Kyoto, Saga-Arashiyama is hardly heard by tourists. Unlike other places, no matter how doubtful the weather will be you can always come to Arashiyama in every seasons.

I would recommended to visit Arashiyama for a day trip from either Kyoto or Osaka. The activities there vary by seasons. One of the activities that allows you to enjoy a scenic route any time of a year is Hazugawa River Boat Ride which takes you along Hozukawa river (16km long). The tour costs around 4,100yen per adult.

Exploring Arashiyama

Crossing Togetsukyo Bridge : This bridge is a symbol is Arashiyama means to cross the moon. It is located near Hankyu Arashiyama station.


Walking along a bamboo path Chikurin no michi: The path is packed with bamboo grove standing aside and seems to be endless. The best time to visit is during early April when cherry blossoms bloom and in December for Hanatoro illumination.


Visiting Tenryu-ji Temple: Right outside the bamboo grove, this UNESCO World Heritage Site will amaze you with a beautiful garden outside the temple and a 9 metre long dragon painting in the ceiling of the temple. (Admission 500yen/adult)



For Best Experience

Arrive early in the morning and avoid weekends. Don’t forget to try their famous green tea parfait!

Useful Japanese Words

Su Mi Ma Sen = Excuse me?

Kon Ni Chi Wa = Hello

Ari Ga Tou Go Zai Masu = Thank you

I Ta Da Ki Masu = Say you are going to eat something

I Ku Ra Desu Ka? = How much?




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