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Survival Guide: Five Minute Learning Thai

Thailand is one of the most visited country with its amazing attractions, delicious food, beautiful beaches, and friendly local people. However, not so many people in Thailand, particularly outside Bangkok, can speak English fluently. They might be able to speak limited English but it is better to learn some basic Thai words to make your trip in Thailand smoother. Here is a Five Minute Learning Thai Guide that provides you some basic Thai words, not only to help you understand more Thai language within a short time, but to impress local people as well.

If you want to be polite, try saying Ka or Kup at the end of every sentences. While girls end a sentence with Ka, boys end a sentence with Kup.

Five Minute Learning Thai

Five Minute Greeting

Sa Was Dee = Hello

Sa Bye Dee Mai = How are you?

Sa Bye Dee = I’m Fine

Kop Kun = Thank you

Bye = Bye

Jer Gun = See you!

Chai = Yes

Mai Chai = No

Mai Pen Rai = Never mind/you’re welcome

Kun = You

Chun = I (female)

Pom = I (male)

Gu = I (impolite)

Cheu Arai = What’s your name?

Cheu …… = My name is …….

Ma Chak Nai / Ma Chak Pra Ted Arai = Where are you from?

Ma Chak ….. = I am from……..

Yin Dee Tee Dai Roo Chak = Nice to meet you

Pai Nai = Where are you going?

Pai…….. = I’m going to …………..

Pood Eek Tee Dai Mai = Can you say that again please?

Pood Ang Krit Dai Mai = Can you speak English?

Nid Noy = A little bit

Chuy Duay = Help!

Mai Kao Jai = I don’t understand

Five Minute Learning Thai

Five Minute Hotel

Check in = Check in

Check Out = Check out

Pra Chet Tua = A Towel

Dry Pao Pom = A Hair Dryer

Wan Nee = Today

Prung Nee = Tomorrow

Ma Roon Nee = Day after tomorrow

Check Out Kee Mong = What is the check out time?

Plian Hong Dai Mai = Can I change the room?

Hong Mai OK = The room is not okay

Five Minute Country

Ang Krit = England

Ye Poon = Japan

Kao Ree = Korea

Fa Rang Set = France

Yer Ra Mun Nee = Germany

Pra Ma = Myanmar

Too Ra Key = Turkey

Jean = China

Five Minute Directions

……. Yu Tee Nai = Where is ………..?

Pai ….. Yung Ngai = How do I get to………?

Tong Pai = Go Straight Ahead

Leaw Kwa/Sai =Turn Right/Left

Long Tang = I’m lost

Lotus = Tesco (Tesco Lotus Joint Venture)

Seven = Seven Eleven

BTS = Sky Train

MRT = Tube (Underground Train)

Win More Sai = Motorcycle Taxi

Sa Ta Nee Tum Reud = Police Station

Pai Sa Nee = Post Office

Sa Nam Bin = Airport

Su Varn Na Poom = International Airport

Don Muang = Domestic Airport

Five Minute Learning Thai
Five Minute Dining

Kao = Rice

Ka Nom Pang = Breads

Kuy Tiew = Noodles

Nam = Water

Mai Aao Nam Kheng = No ice

Cha Nom Yen = Thai Milk Tea

Cha = Tea

Coke = Cola

Ka Fair = Coffee

Nam Tarn = Sugar

Pear …. = I am allergic to …

Tua = Nuts

Kai = Eggs

Nom = Milk

Mai Ped = Mild

Ped Nid Noy = A little bit spicy

Ped = Spicy

Mai Wan = Not sweet

Wan = sweet

Ar Haan Chao /Kao Chao = Breakfast

Kao Tieng = Lunch

Kao Yen = Dinner

Moo = Pork

Kai = Chicken

Neur = Beef

Talay = Seafood

Pen Mang Sa Wi Rat = I am a vegetarian

Kin Jay = I am a vegetarian

Kin Ped Mai Dai = I can’t eat spicy

Mai Dai Order = I didn’t order this

Nae Nam Arai = What would you recommend?

Mee Menu Pasa Ang Krit Mai = Do you have English menu?

Aroi = Delicious

Aroi Mak Mak = Very delicious

Check Bill = Bill please

Five Minute Learning Thai

Five Minute Shopping

Tow Rai = How much?

Rod Dai Mai = Any discount?

Pang = Expensive

Aao = I want this

Mai Aao = I don’t want this

Mee Size Yai Mai = Do you have a larger size?

Mee Size Lek Mai = Do you have a smaller size?

Long Dai Mai = Can I try it/these on?

Free Size = One size fits all

Five Minute Celebrations

Sa Was Dee Pee Mai = Happy New Year

Suk Sun Wan Kerd = Happy Birthday

Happy Bird Day = Happy Birthday

Tud Jeen = Chinese New Year

Five Minute Learning Thai

Five Minute LGBTs

Gay = Gay

Les = Lesbian

Tom = Lesbian

Bi = Bisexual

Kra Toey = Trannies

Tud = A guy who acts like women

Five Minute Bad Words
(CAUTION: I won’t be responsible for your injury!)

Hia = Monitor Lizard (offensive)

Kwai = Buffalo

Sard = Animals

Yed = (very offensive)

Yed Mae = Mother (incredibly offensive)

Chat Ma = Dog Soul (beyond incredibly offensive)

Por Mung Die = Your Father died (far beyond incredibly offensive)

Five Minute Others/Slang

Hovercraft Kong Pom Tem Pai Duay Pra Rai = My hovercraft is full of eels

Winning Mai Sard = Do you want to play Winning with me?

Fin =  A slang used when something is really good

Tan Lark = A slang for ‘Cute’

Food Food = A Slang for ‘Very’……. ex. Aroi Food Food (very delicious) Suay Food Food (very beautiful)


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