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Visiting the Largest Active Volcano in Japan “Mount Aso” in Kumamoto Prefecture

Living in Japan for a while, I find Mount Aso is another fascinating place to visit. It is around three hours by train away from Fukuoka, a capital city of Kyushu island. Kumamoto is a city located in southern part of Japan and is famous for its magnificent castle. Its name literally means origin of the bear. You will find plenty of “Kumamon-chan” statue or products  which is this city’s mascot every where you go. The mascot was created by its government to attract more visitors. Kumamon is cute and clumsy bear, and that what make Japanese people and toursits admire him.


The castle is also a well-worth visit historical site in Kumamoto.


My visit to Mt.Aso was about couple of years ago when I was a fresher in university. This trip really interested me because I have always wanted to see the actual volcano not the ones in some science textbooks. I went there in September so the weather was really warm.

Even though the smell of the gas was a bit awful,  I did really enjoy the view. I was fortunate enough to be able to visit there because some days they close for safety reason.



Mt.Aso or Aso-san is better for a day trip from Kumamoto city. You can either get there from Kumamoto or Fukuoka.

From Fukuoka (Hakata station) take a bullet train Shinkansen Sakura 541(also valid with JRpass) to Kumamoto station then take Limited Express Aso Boy 101 train to Aso. When you get off from the station, take the bus to Mt. Aso which takes 40 minutes maximum. The bus usually comes every hour so make sure to check the timetable and plan your trip wisely. The whole trip takes around 4 hours in total by train, bus, and ropeway to arrive on top of the mountain.


  • If you are travelling with a big luggage and it does not fit the locker, don’t worry! Just ask a fine lady at a souvenir shop “Sumimasen nimotsu ga arimasu ga” (Excuse me, I have a luggage…) she will then keep your luggage for only about 600yen behind a cash register.

  • Bring plenty of warm cloths during winter while during summer do bring LOTS of sunscreen! You will thank me later.

This is all for today. Hopefully you will enjoy this and see you later!




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